The world of social media feels so noisy right now don’t you think?

Everyone has something to say, a home school schedule to share, news/fake news to forward, a meme to make us laugh, a recipe or 20 to post (Ok, I hold my hands up to the last one. Lol) and I’ve never seen so many ‘lives’ going on at the same time that I don’t know which one to join!

Chances are if I’m feeling this noise, you may be too?

So I debated whether you all needed me to add to the noise and whether you’d even notice if I did a runner to get some peace and quiet for a while. So I journaled the hell out of what I was thinking and feeling. It felt good to get it all out of my system and see what the real ‘noise’ was for me.

And it turned out it was my own inner conflict of whether to post, what to post, second guessing the type of content you may need right now that isn’t being provided elsewhere, whether it was insensitive to share the fun we are trying to build into our day or whether you want more substance to help you get through this period, etc, etc.

After getting my thoughts onto paper, something bizarre happened the next day. I started seeing messages from you guys with words of support and to keep going and keep doing exactly what I have been doing!!

“This is the most beautiful thing I have seen on social media just lately”
“Loved your self-care box, think I’ll definitely do one too”
“THANK YOU for your insta post”
“You rock! Do more”
“I love seeing your stories”
“Think it’s you guys that are going to get me through the next few months”
“You’re helping so many people with your posts, including me”
“Who would be more fitting than A Drug Named Hope at a time like this?”

Like, what?! Talk about a sign, if ever I needed one.

A sign to just be ‘me’. To stop second guessing what the world needs right now and just deliver what my soul is whispering to share.

So, Im here. I’m not going anywhere. I’m here for the long haul. And I’m here to do what I do best and spread calm and hope amidst the storm around us and within us. Sharing what’s got me through the toughest time of my life, the tools I’ve learned along the way and the insight I long to scatter for the souls that are meant to hear it.

We will come out the other side of this pandemic spiritually richer than we could ever have imagined. And we will do it, together.