In an attempt to get moving again, I woke up at 6am this morning to go for a walk.

On a typical day, the freezing -7.5 degree temperature would have given me an excuse to stay in bed.

But not today, today I chose to give myself space to breathe before my day took over. To feel the blood pumping in my veins, the cold hitting my face, the crunch of the frost beneath my feet.

Within seconds I was engulfed in the feeling of presence.

I was present within my body. Present to my surroundings. My soul poised to receive the messages from the Universe.

Here’s what I saw, in the most literal sense…

Here’s a 15 second video of my walk. To most people there isn’t much to see in the video. Just darkness, captured in a poorly shot video.

What do you see in the darkness?

Here’s what I saw…

  • As I walked in darkness, pockets of light emerged.
  • As I walked in darkness, another person appeared, stayed for a moment, jumped into their car and were on their way.
  • As I walked in the darkness, I realise I am walking alone.
  • As I walked in darkness, I look up. I see a light. I see the light. The light had been there all along.
  • As I walked in darkness, as I saw the light, I recognised it – it felt warm and familiar.

Now, that’s what I saw, but this is what it meant…

I saw what I saw and you can see it too from the video.

But beyond the surface is the ocean of your soul inviting you in to explore.

A Drug Named Hope

And today, as I felt beyond the physical, these were the messages that were delivered to my soul. Not for me. But for you, the soul who needs to hear them.

  • Pockets of light are present in your darkness. They are there. Little moments of joy. Little opportunities to feel love, kindness, happiness and connection. They are there. Notice them. And feel them. It’s ok to feel them, to laugh for a moment, to feel happy for a second. It won’t take away the dark time, but it will make the path through a little more bearable.
  • You are not alone in your darkness. It may feel as though you are alone, that no one gets you, that no one can help you. But in truth, many people have been sent to help you.
    • Notice them, they are there.
    • Reach out, take their hand for a moment, use it to steady yourself.
    • Receive the messages they have been sent to deliver to you.
    • Accept the love they pour into your heart.
    • And allow your soul to be enlightened by their presence.
  • The path is yours and yours alone. The people who appear in our lives, who help us, who walk with us for a moment, they won’t stay. For they too are walking their own path. Receive their love, messages and learning and release them to take the next step on their path. And you, put one foot in front of the other and take your next step too. Only you can do that. Take the step. You may not see where you’re going, where you’re destined to be and that’s ok. Just take the next step, for yourself. No one can walk your path for you or with you. It is yours and yours alone.
  • Look up from the darkness. When the darkness engulfs you, when it feels so big, scary and never-ending, look up. The light is there. Whether it’s a bright beacon or a tiny star, it’s still there. It’s always there. Notice it. Be curious about it. Spend longer with it each day. Let it guide you. And let it reveal to you that…
  • The light you seek already lives within you. It’s not in the distance, it’s not something you must chase. You already have it. You always have done. It never left you. And it never will. No matter how dark it is out there, how dark you feel –
    • Use your inner light as your anchor, let it ground you as the world still swirls around you.
    • Connect to it, become friends with it because it’s not going anywhere. It’s with you, for life.
    • And as you lean in to it, listen carefully.
    • Hear the words of your soul, guiding you through every step of the darkness. Let it be your guide because you my friend, at your core, you already know the way out.

Take what was meant for you…

So, as I walked in the bitter cold and deep darkness of this morning, these were the messages waiting for my soul. I heard them, I felt them and I trust that they have come to me because someone needs to hear them.

If that someone is you, take what speaks to you and trust that it was meant for you.

While we may not escape the darkness, may we never fear it. Because that same darkness is what guides us to our light.

A Drug Named Hope

From my soul to yours,

G x