“You are not alone”⁠⁣
“All in your own time”⁠⁣
“Whatever decision you make, I’m right by your side”⁠⁣
Life after baby loss is bizarre. Everyone’s lives carry on as normal, but yours has stopped. It can feel like you’re on a completely different planet to everyone else. ⁠⁣
Having someone check in on you, ask how you’re doing, take time out for you, show you that you aren’t alone and that they support the decisions YOU make – this is everything. Everything.⁠⁣
So, rather than tell someone to move on, not to dwell on it or to just try again…just be there, honour their journey, respect their decisions and tell them to take it all in their own time. ⁣

Let them know and feel that they aren’t alone.⁠ They have you ❤