“I don’t know what to say”⁠⁣
“I’m scared of upsetting you”⁠⁣
“I’d like to understand and learn”⁠⁣
“I’m here to listen”⁠⁣
Others may have different views, but mine is this…⁠⁣
If you don’t know what to say to support someone, if you don’t understand it, if you are scared of saying the wrong thing – be honest. Tell them. Tell them from your heart.⁣

Say you’re sorry. Tell them you’re struggling with what to say, that you want to be there for them, that you might not have the right words and you might get it wrong, but you are there to listen, to learn and to support them.⁣

Ask them what they need. ⁣

Keep the communication going. ⁠⁣
In my view, this is so so so much better than silence. It breaks down that awkward barrier. It is honest. And it lets the other person know you don’t understand, but you’re willing to learn. ⁣

Let them see that you haven’t disappeared because you’re finding it too hard. You’re willing to sit through the uncomfortableness of not knowing what to do or say. And you’re willing to do it because you care. ⁠⁣
And believe me when I say this – the other person sees you. They see you trying. They see you making the effort. ⁣

They won’t forget it, ever ❤⁣