I’ve heard my share of thoughtless comments relating to miscarriage over the years.⁣

🗨 “It wasn’t even a baby yet”⁣
🗨 “Don’t dwell on it”⁣
🗨 “Is it because you did…?”⁣
🗨 “At least it was early”⁣

You name it, I’ve heard it!⁣

When I started my blog back in 2016, I said I wanted to change the way we speak about baby loss. And while I’ve done some work in this space, now I’m ready to do more. ⁣

Starting tomorrow I’ll be launching a series on what NOT to say…and what to say instead.⁣

This series is not to dig anyone out for having said these comments in the past. Because if I’m completely honest, before my own struggles, I’d probably said some of these thoughtless things too. I didn’t know any better.⁣

But now I do. And that’s why I’m doing this. To share what I now know and to help us all change how we speak to someone who’s going through the heartache of baby loss.⁣

This series will be based on my thoughts and my suggestions, others may feel differently and that’s completely fine 🙏⁣

So I ask that you take what you need from the series. Let it open your mind. Let it challenge your own responses. Let it inform your conversations. But always be guided by what feels right for you and ultimately what’s needed by the person who’s lost their baby. ⁣

❤ I’d love for you to get involved, to add your thoughts to the posts and to share them. ⁣

🙏 Let’s be the generation brave enough to tackle the taboo. Who’s with me?⁣ 🙋‍♀️