A Drug Named Hope just got a major injection of love.⁣

This has been brewing for months now! But here it is – the new (actually the first) logo for A Drug Named Hope.⁣

It captures all the feelings I wanted my blog to invoke. These are the thoughts that come to my mind when I look at this striking image…⁣

💥 Even in the depths of darkness, there is hope, let that be your guide⁣
💥 Darkness is a powerful backdrop against which the light is even more beautiful⁣
💥 Darkness and light co-exist. To truly appreciate one, we must experience the other⁣
💥 Tough times don’t last, the sun will rise again⁣
💥 You can’t see faith, trust, love or hope, but having them feels so much better than not⁣
💥 Life feels better in the presence of hope⁣
💥 There is a spark of hope within us all⁣
💥 We all have a unique light that may just be a beacon of hope for someone else⁣
💥 Don’t dim your light. Shine baby shine! The world needs your light⁣