With everything going on right now, I’m reminded of just how much learning there is in the midst of turmoil.⁣

Through my many miscarriages, I was being given a gift. A gift that took a while for me to see, let alone accept. But when I did, there was no giving it back. It was a gift that unlocked the door to a whole new world.⁣

A world that was right in front of me and had been all along. But had somehow been buried in the rat race of life, the expectations, the busyness, the noise of the mind, the never ending pressure to do more, be more, have more.⁣

Mindfulness. That was my gift. A practice of simply ‘being’.⁣

Not doing. Not judging. Not responding. Not planning. Not mindlessly rushing. ⁣

Just being.⁣

I woke up, smelt the roses, heard the birds, saw the beauty in nature, felt the love in other people and I really experienced each breath that connected me to the here and now. Everything that was right in front of me – I was finally awake to it. ⁣

This was the gift in my adversity. A gift that has never left me. A gift that just keeps giving and is deepening with every new challenge I encounter.⁣

So ask yourself, what gift is the current situation trying to reveal to you? Could it be to:⁣
🎁 Just slow down without the guilt?⁣
🎁 Realise just how fragile and precious life really is?⁣
🎁 Question whether you are making the most out of this blessing called ‘life’?⁣
🎁 Open your eyes to all of the blessings you have already been given?⁣
🎁 Forgive the person who wronged you, and free yourself from anger and hatred?⁣
🎁 Cherish the people who grace your life?⁣
🎁 Love the life you have and realise it is enough?⁣
🎁 Look long and hard in the mirror and fall in love with the person that is looking back at you?⁣
🎁 Notice the size of your heart and that you have enough love to share with those who need it right now?⁣
🎁 See the good in the world and marvel at the power of the human spirit?⁣

🎁 Or like me, is it to see that in this moment, no matter how dark it may seem, there is light everywhere and you are being drawn to it. It calls to you. And it shall be your guide through all that troubles you, if only you let it 🙏❤