I love notebooks, I have a shelf full of them!!⁣

This note book in the photo, it has a story. I’ve picked it up a number of times thinking I’m going to use it for a course, for journaling, for gratitude. But then I didn’t. For some reason, I’d put it back on my shelf and reach for another notebook instead. Many, many times this has happened.⁣

After my last few posts, I decided I wanted to journal some things, I also wanted to get clear on how I would best use the time that is coming our way and I wanted to set some goals and intentions. So I went to my trusted notebook collection.⁣

💥 And there it was.⁣
⁣💥 Calling to me.⁣
💥 Waiting for this moment.⁣
💥 Waiting to give me all the answers I need right now.⁣
💥 All the intentions I have, right there, on the front cover, big, bold and as clear as day.⁣

🔸️THINK positively⁣
🔸️EXERCISE daily⁣
🔸️EAT healthy⁣
🔸️WORK hard⁣
🔸️STAY strong⁣
🔸️BUILD faith⁣
🔸️WORRY less⁣
🔸️READ more⁣
🔸️BE happy⁣

So when you think you have no control over what’s going on around you, never forget you have complete control over what’s going on inside you. Make it good 🙏