My heart hurts a little today. It hurts for our medical staff out on the front line – nurses, doctors, ambulance staff, support staff, porters, cleaners, everyone who is putting themselves out there to save lives.⁣

‘It’s their job’, I hear you say.⁣

Yes, it is.⁣

But realise just what it takes to do that job at a time like this. The panic, the anxiety, the uncertainty, the fear we all have – they have it to. They are human. They have families. They have childcare issues. They need to buy food too. And when the shelves are empty, we make it harder for them to do the basics, before they go back in to work – to be the life savers that they are. They are exposed in the line of their duty.⁣

But they go on. They go to work. They work late because there aren’t enough staff or there are too many patients. They come home carrying the weight of what they are experiencing. They tend to their families in the best way they can. They sleep briefly. Then they are at it again. Many don’t know when they will next have a day off. Yet they go on. Saving lives. No complaints.⁣

And most of the rest of us will soon be told to stay at home. We complain at how we’ll cope.⁣

Go figure.⁣


The fear we have is real I don’t deny that. But I ask you all to lead with your hearts right now. Be there for everyone who is helping us. If you know any medical staff, police, supermarket staff, delivery drivers, anyone who is putting themselves out there to help us – give them a moment of your time, do their shopping, ask them how they are, send them a text to say you’re thinking of them, tell them how grateful we all are for them 🙏⁣

This. This is how we keep perspective at a time like this. Don’t let the fear in your head take you away from the love in your heart. That is what the world needs right now. Love ❤⁣