As someone who doesn’t typically suffer from anxiety, over the last few days I’ve been feeling…like really feeling it. ⁣

I’m typically a cool headed, practical and resourceful person. But the last few days, with all the barrage of information (and mis-information) about corona virus, the panic buying in the shops, questioning if Simran’s nursery are doing enough, worry for people who are at risk and have no support, concern for my mum and elderly grandmas, deep worry for some of my elderly friends (at a charity I used to volunteer for) one of whom hasn’t answered my calls and I can’t stop thinking about her and wondering if she’s ok…⁣

On the other hand, I’m wondering if it will be safe to go on holiday in just over a weeks time, if it will be covered by insurance or if we’ll lose thousands of pounds of hard earned money (then reminding myself that health trumps money every day of the week!), if I’ll be able to keep Simran entertained if and when we enter lockdown and if I have enough God-damn bog roll!!!⁣

So much going on IN MY HEAD. Like a cyclone that’s just whirling away and taking my energy with it. ⁣

But last night I knew this mental whirlwind needed to stop. So I took action.

I decided to be with all the feelings I was feeling. Rather than letting them take up roots in my mind, I sat with them, I felt them, I explored them and I acknowledged them. I acknowledged my fear. I sat in my worry. And I observed my confusion. ⁣

In doing so, my fear, my worry and my confusion lost its grip on me. That’s not to say they are completely gone, but they are no longer whirling around uncontrollably in my mind. ⁣

Instead my mind feels clearer and my heart feels re-engaged ❤ I can breathe 😌 I’m able to hear the calling in my heart which is to do what I do best which is help…help others keep hope in their heart amidst the chaos whirling around us. ⁣So that’s what I’ll be doing 🙏

Stay with me my friends, we’ll ride this together.⁣

“In the darkness, be the light”