My last post reminded me just how hard festive periods can be without a loved one – a family member, friend, baby who got their wings too soon. Someone who should be here, but isn’t. It’s hard. It’s heartbreaking 💔

Often the world around you goes on, busy, stressed, rushing around, buying presents, making plans, hustle, bustle, noise.⁣

And it often feels even louder against the deep hole you carry within your heart for your loved one who is no more.⁣

And it can feel so deeply hurtful when everyone around you just seems to be getting on with things, business as usual, completely oblivious or ignorant to what you’re going through.⁣

To everyone experiencing the pain of loss especially at this time of year, I see you.⁣

❤…I see the smile you wear, but the weeping in your heart.⁣
❤…I see you trying to fit in, when all you want to do is lock yourself away until the festivities fade.⁣
❤…I see past the posed selfies, to the memories playing in your mind of what was or what should have been.⁣
❤…I see how holding the grief is weighing down your spirit.⁣
❤…I see you.⁣

And its ok…⁣

Feel what you need to feel. Say what you need to say. Make Christmas what you need to make it. Do what you need to do…to just get through it.⁣

And my friend, you will get through it 🙏

Know with absolute certainty that countless hearts, mine included, are sending you all the love and healing in the world ❤🙏⁣