What you put out into the world, is what you will get in return 💫⁣

I saw this happen right before my eyes today. ⁣

I met a friend this morning. A friend with inspiring dreams, big goals, a massive heart and who will make such an impact in this world. ⁣

I hear her. I support her. I encourage her. I offer a helping hand. Not because I expect anything in return but because I believe in her, I believe in her mission, I believe she is meant for big things and quite frankly helping her brings my heart pure joy ❤⁣

Why am I telling you this? Blowing my own trumpet? Boosting my ego? ⁣


I tell you this because right after meeting this friend I met someone else.⁣

A first meeting…(a little like a blind date! Lol). With someone who, until a few weeks ago was a stranger. But during the course of our coffee together this beautiful, kind, generous soul did something that moved me to tears. ⁣

She heard me. She supported me. She encouraged me. She offered me a helping hand. Not because she expected anything in return but because she believed in me, she believed in my mission, she believed I am meant for big things and I sensed the joy that helping me sparked in her. ⁣

The exact same thing I am doing for my friend, a virtual stranger has just offered to do for me 🙏 My heart is currently bursting with gratitude ❤⁣
It struck me afterwards that when we are genuine in our support of others, when we do so from a place of goodness, kindness and without expecting anything in return…⁣

💫 The universe sees. ⁣
💫 The universe hears. ⁣
💫 The universe responds. ⁣
💫 And delivers back to us exactly what we put out.⁣