In my last post, I shared how speaking my truth, allowing myself to be seen and baring my soul during a podcast interview gave me a vulnerability hangover. ⁣

Like most alcohol induced hangovers, my vulnerability-induced hangover lasted about 24 hours…but it could have lasted way longer if I added fuel to the fire. So rather than feeding it with even more vulnerability of how exposed I felt and how people would judge me, I changed the nature of my self-talk and in doing so I cured the hangover. ⁣

I did this by…⁣

⚡Connecting with my ‘why’ – By speaking up about baby loss, I give a voice to those who have experienced it, I give a voice of those who are yet to find theirs, I open people’s eyes to the world of baby loss and I challenge how we speak about and support those who are on this painful journey.⁣

⚡Putting it into perspective – “My message is bigger than my fear” I said this during my interview and I deeply believe it to be true. When we get out of our heads (that’s where the fear lives) and back into the real world, we can see the bigger picture and that’s the root of clarity, direction and perspective.⁣

⚡Remembering that I am so much stronger than I think – The discomfort I felt sharing my story is NOTHING compared to actually going through it for real. I’d been through the hardest part and I survived. In talking about it and owning it, I will thrive!

⚡No one ever grew by sitting on their sofa watching Netflix – we experience real growth when we step outside of our comfort zone, when we do something we’ve never done before, when we step into the unknown. And that’s what was happening to me, I was feeling the pain associated with real growth.⁣

So if you ever have that “gut-wrenching feeling that happens the moment we decide to get real about who we are, what we want, and how we express it” have a chat with yourself and reframe it using the points above. Its an almost instant cure to the vulnerability hangover.⁣