I was paid a visit today. A visit by someone deeply precious to me 🙏⁣

My angel daughter Jiya 👼⁣

On bended knee, looking into her eyes I took in every ounce of my little girl. I smiled at her. My heart burst at the wise little girl she had become. A twinkle in her eye as she looked at me and handed me a box. This was all in my minds eye, in my soul, in another dimension brought to me through a powerful visualisation.⁣

In reality, lying on the floor of a church hall, on a yoga mat, pillow under my head and a blanket keeping me warm, the tears rolled out of my eyes. Like a stream they poured. My mouth in a smile at the scene being played in my mind. But the real life tears, boy did they flow. ⁣

I took the box from my daughter. A gift from her to me, a physical gift and a spiritual gift. ⁣

The box contained seeds. Seeds of change, seeds of new intentions and seeds of new beginnings.⁣

Each seed in the box was to be one of my intentions. Coming to me, as clear as day. All reaffirming the goals, the plans, the dreams I have. The dreams I hold inside my heart. Almost too scared to let them out. ⁣

But today something has shifted. ⁣
My mind is focused. ⁣
My intentions are clear. ⁣
My seeds have been sown…In Jiya’s name 🙏⁣

And with every ounce of my being, I will nurture these seeds. ⁣
I will watch them flower. ⁣
I will watch them flourish. ⁣
I will watch them make their mark on this world…In Jiya’s name 🙏⁣