Today (22nd August) is National Rainbow Baby Day🌈. This day has many meanings for me, so…

I wish to CELEBRATE all babies born after the raging storm of miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death and infant loss. You are miracles and living proof that there is light, colour and beauty at the end of a storm and to never lose hope of the day when the storm passes by.

I wish to HONOUR the baby/babies that came before. You have not been replaced by your rainbow sibling. You stand in your own right, in your own light, at the heart of your family. You changed their world, you opened their hearts and you left footprints that no one can ever erase.

I also wish to ACKNOWLEDGE all who are still in the clutches of that raging storm and who await their rainbow. You may be feeling tired, bruised and on the verge of hopelessness – I hear you and stand with you. My wish is that your storm may lose its power. And for those who seek it, that your rainbow will arrive one day soon. Never lose hope.